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Posted Sep 27 2010 20:14 GMT -
• Congratulations!
• Wow! Found your note from 6/13/10 at Bobblets Gap in Va. http://ow.ly/i/4n4P
I see you just finished. Congrats! Awesome accomplishment!

Posted Sep 27 2010 19:30 GMT -
Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, finishing our journey on Katahdin's Baxter Peak.
• Good to see you and Kooper romping over the AT. Was a terrific time out there! Our best to you and a huge hug to Kooper!!

Posted Sep 27 2010 19:05 GMT -

Posted Sep 25 2010 23:22 GMT -
He will be with me at the top in spirit.
• Yeah, but with all the out and back that guy did I'm sure he has done 1.5 ATs. Good job Koop.
• was there only two [arks the dog couldnt go and one you can like hick around or have a service take him around

Posted Sep 23 2010 20:32 GMT -
Katahdin from Pemadumcook Lake
• Good rock scrambles ahead! It's You, God and
Sky up there.

Posted Sep 19 2010 17:29 GMT at view on map-
• Guess it is a good thing I forgot that last pack of freeze dried ?

Posted Sep 15 2010 01:47 GMT -
View from Little Bigelow

Posted Sep 15 2010 01:14 GMT -
view from Little Bigelow

Posted Sep 14 2010 20:41 GMT -
Lunch break on the Bigelows
• Looks like Kooper has a buddy. Does he like hiking with another dog?

Posted Sep 11 2010 15:01 GMT -
In the Piazza Rock privy

Posted Sep 07 2010 16:34 GMT -
• this is great

Posted Sep 06 2010 18:23 GMT -
Had to drag my pack through. Turns out I could have just gone around.

Posted Aug 27 2010 20:39 GMT at view on map-
Landing in those winds must be really difficult. An older day-hiker fell yesterday on a side trail & found this morning.

Posted Aug 20 2010 17:11 GMT at view on map-
Maine Junction. Canada 166 miles north. Katahdin 469 miles east.

Posted Aug 17 2010 18:58 GMT at view on map-
Bromley Mountain
• The should leave the lift on in the summer for hikers.
• Some of them are. I hear Killington even has a slide you can ride. Soon people go up to see the leaves changing colors.

Posted Aug 13 2010 00:16 GMT -
The first was an REI whose shoulder strap was ripping at the top. I sent it home and got a Gregory, whose shoulder strap is ripping at the bottom, forming a massive hole in the side. I get a loaner on Monday... if I can last that long.
• Is it the same side?

Posted Aug 04 2010 03:45 GMT -
Sorry about fouling up your hotel room.
• I'm glad your feeling better. Jenny and I bought season tickets for Tech this year. Are you planning on getting them again?
• You COULD miss the first few games, or you could man up, start hiking around the clock, and get back here by the end of August. Priorities man, priorities! :)

Posted Aug 02 2010 20:20 GMT -
Dover Oak in New York.

Posted Aug 02 2010 00:59 GMT -
She's getting big. Must be those shelter mice. Skidmark went to GT too.

Posted Jul 28 2010 18:21 GMT at view on map-
• Did you pass through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops and walk through the Lincoln Tunnel?
• Now that is funny dish!

Posted Jul 14 2010 19:24 GMT at view on map-
Lots of rain the past few days.

Posted Jul 01 2010 00:00 GMT at view on map-
Near Blackburn Trail Center/Hiker Hostel
• So you're saying that you have walked 500 miles, and you have walked 500 more? Da d-da da!

Posted Jun 24 2010 23:14 GMT at view on map-
Wonderful day of hiking. They did great!
• You totally need to update your Twitter avatar to show off the beard.
• They get the awesome views and Tyler and I get the bears, snakes and ticks. :)

Posted Jun 20 2010 03:10 GMT at view on map-
I can see in the back there is an old convertible VW Bug next to a Carrera GT *drools on the glass door*

Posted Jun 18 2010 05:10 GMT at view on map-
Spy Rock
• It actually got really cold, didn't get much sleep. But the stars were worth it. The Google Sky Map app for Android came in handy
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