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Posted Jan 28 2011 01:48 GMT -
Images and Video of my 2010 AT thru-hike with my dog. In mostly chronological order. See more at http://onahike.com Music: Worn out shoes from perpetually walking on a dream. "Worn out Shoes" by Joe Purdy "Perpetuum Mobile" by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Walking On A Dream" by Empire of the Sun (The Tremulance remix)
• Best Video Ever, Congratulations!!!
• Just watched your video again, will always love it. I envy you so much, and only wish I could hike the Appalachian Trail too. How is little Kooper?

Posted Sep 14 2010 01:20 GMT -
Beautiful day above treeline. I think I could maybe see Katahdin waaay off in the distance.
• Keep going strong Sims! Hoping these days/miles at the end of your NOBO journey are some of the best yet.

Posted Aug 16 2010 21:59 GMT -
Kooper leads the way, meeting fellow hikers Jurassic and Flying Colors at the top of the Glastenbury Mountain fire tower in Vermont's Green Mountains.
• Where was Kooper's pack?
• Kooper is quite the adventurer.

Posted Jul 26 2010 09:52 GMT -
Prospect Rock full moon & sunrise. I think I can see NYC buildings way off in the distance.

Posted Jun 20 2010 01:28 GMT -
Perfect way to cool off after a 20 mile day. These kids gave me a ride into Glasgow too.

Posted Jun 17 2010 22:50 GMT -
Camping just below. I should get to see sunset AND sunrise.

Posted May 29 2010 22:12 GMT -
near Mount Rogers

Posted May 29 2010 22:09 GMT -
near Mt. Rogers

Posted May 16 2010 20:35 GMT -
I enjoy the sunset and view while he enjoys the frisbee and grass.

Posted May 16 2010 19:42 GMT -
Really strong winds up there. May 8th 2010

Posted May 14 2010 21:32 GMT -
Walking across... without Kooper (dogs not allowed in the Smokies).
• Hey Daniel! I like just figured out how to comment. All you have to do is press the word "comment". Okay, just wanted to say- I thought it was hard walking a mile. I can't believe this. This is so awesome. We all miss you down here. Maybe during the summer I could fly up & walk with you! Haha! Every week at Ground Zero we talk about you, and I am always keeping you in my prayers! I was so excited to show everyine at school the onahike website!
• Thanks Abby! That would be cool if you could walk with me! (I won't make you go 20 miles :P )

Posted Apr 30 2010 20:48 GMT -
Throwing frisbee atop Siler Bald, NC Our first open field since we started.

Posted Apr 30 2010 20:45 GMT -
Full panoramic view of the North Carolina mountains atop a grassy bald.

Posted Apr 30 2010 19:23 GMT -
Hailed about 8 different times that day, with sunshine in between.
• Kooper looks so fat in this video. Ha.

Posted Apr 30 2010 19:18 GMT -
In between hail storms. Kooper likes the scenic views.

Posted Apr 28 2010 13:35 GMT -
Crossing into NC on the AT, leaving home for months.

Posted Apr 28 2010 03:34 GMT -
Kooper tries his boots on the rocky trail up Blue Mountain

Posted Apr 25 2010 00:46 GMT -
near Neels Gap

Posted Apr 25 2010 00:29 GMT -
near woody gap
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