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Posted Jun 14 2010 21:01 GMT at view on map-
Jennings Creek swimming hole

Posted Jun 09 2010 19:01 GMT at view on map-

Posted May 26 2010 15:31 GMT -
(not a motivational speaker) He reminded me of Hurley from Lost. He says you can live in a National Forest for 2 weeks, then you just have to move to a different spot.

Posted May 19 2010 21:03 GMT -
• Love it... I am following you on Twitter and wish I was on the trail. Keep enjoying it!
• Thanks! Also, just noticed a bug in my comment form. *fixed*

Posted May 17 2010 22:49 GMT -

Posted May 16 2010 17:06 GMT -
My little bro joined me for an overnight hike
• I love this picture!

Posted May 14 2010 03:46 GMT at view on map-
• What a great picture!!!!

Posted May 12 2010 15:26 GMT -
nom nom nom

Posted May 05 2010 23:50 GMT -
A spiral ramp goes up to a nice view.

Posted May 02 2010 22:05 GMT at view on map-
• They say that they don't want to mess with you, hence the rattle... but they can also strike twice their length in distance? Be safe.

Posted May 02 2010 18:02 GMT -
Was right next to the trail. Didn't see it until it rattled at me a few feet away. It was huge!

Posted Apr 30 2010 22:02 GMT -
power, shade, cool breeze, wifi, and ice cream. doesn't get any better

Posted Apr 30 2010 02:18 GMT at view on map-

Posted Apr 28 2010 21:49 GMT -
They are thru-hiking too! twitter.com/StacyAndTredd

Posted Apr 28 2010 21:45 GMT -

Posted Apr 27 2010 14:41 GMT -
Huge hole in the floor between the yellow and orange.

Posted Apr 26 2010 01:42 GMT at view on map-
Got a better one with my other camera.
• Great posts! Keep em coming!
• Everytime I pray for you I think to myself...what a wonderful adventure you will have!!!and what better cause than a wonderful young lady!!

Posted Apr 26 2010 00:30 GMT -

Posted Apr 24 2010 23:32 GMT -
Click the flickr link to see notes on image.

Posted Apr 23 2010 01:24 GMT -
View the flickr page to see breakdown on the photo. Not pictured: the Canon Powershot camera I used to take this photo, which runs on 2 AA batteries.
• Ha, I think that even beats my Peru Galapagos setup. You at least have more screens than I did. Gad you're not roughing it too much.
• Yep :) Hiking is part tech experiment. Photos stopped making it to the facebook page though. Ill be in town tomorrow so I can prob work on it.

Posted Apr 17 2010 19:14 GMT at view on map-
Start of the AT

Posted Apr 11 2010 02:05 GMT -
New pack & boots

Posted Oct 03 2009 20:04 GMT -
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