daniel & kooper


Feeling better after hanging out with Kyle. Who just happened to be working in CT this week.
Posted Aug 04 2010 03:45 GMT in Flickr
Sorry about fouling up your hotel room.


I'm glad your feeling better. Jenny and I bought season tickets for Tech this year. Are you planning on getting them again?
Reply by Ryan turner Aug 05 2010 00:33 GMT
Cool! Yeah I have season tix. Will probably miss the first few games though
Reply by Daniel Aug 05 2010 00:56 GMT
Well...seems like you could offer those to your mom and dad :)
Reply by Mom Aug 05 2010 01:05 GMT
Yep, I think that is a great idea!
Reply by Dad Aug 05 2010 01:06 GMT
You COULD miss the first few games, or you could man up, start hiking around the clock, and get back here by the end of August. Priorities man, priorities! :)
Reply by dish Aug 06 2010 15:02 GMT

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