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Posted Sep 30 2010 22:39 GMT -
• Do you think you could email me? I am thinking about hiking the AT with my dog Huck (he's a vizsla too). I just wanted to talk to some one who had gone through it with a dog. Mainly, what you did on the sections where dogs are not allowed. Thanks, Jeff jeffcfuchs@gmail.com
• Great to hear from you. Tredd, Stacy, and Titus.
Posted Sep 27 2010 16:18 GMT at view on map-
• congrats?!
• Congrats Dan !! Stacy and I been following your journey since we met you before the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the trail.. well done Dan, well done !!
Stacy, Tredd and our little dog Titus
Posted Sep 27 2010 11:42 GMT -
• Congrats Daniel, I'm proud of you!
• Just spent of week with a mutual friend of yours Roy Darden. So glad for you Daniel this has been an amazing journey for you and Kooper. A lifetime of memories has been made. Thank you for allowing All of Us to Live this out with you as you progressed in the Journey. May all of your Joys become complete in the one who holds all in His hands.
Posted Sep 23 2010 22:47 GMT at view on map-
• Go you two! Had a great time sharing the trail with you. best of luck in your future adventures. Dutch and Cabana Boy
Posted Sep 14 2010 19:54 GMT at view on map-
• Picture?????
• Pics or it didn't happen.
Posted Sep 05 2010 19:04 GMT at view on map-
• Good now get back to Florida so you can attend to your slowly decaying user-base
Posted Aug 07 2010 00:37 GMT at view on map-
• Waahoo! That is great to hear Daniel. Congrats on the 1500 milestone, that is amazing.
• Good Job! You are almost there, only 500 miles left... that can't be but a few weeks it seems the way you go. I saw a show on the AT and they said the white mountains were challenging. Sounds like you got through the "tunnel." Be safe and watch your step.
Posted Aug 03 2010 14:14 GMT -
• Sorry to hear that. Feel better soon!!
• Don't forget that Kyle used to live outside the states... He's smelled worse I'm sure
Posted Jul 30 2010 14:24 GMT at view on map-
• Great talking with you the other night! You're doing awesome and have already accomplished so much! Love you big brother!
Posted Jul 15 2010 11:44 GMT at view on map-
• I think I had more fun than him...Ulla cryed all night when he left...she also snore so she must have been worn out....Visit again anytime..Amy Lu
Posted Jul 07 2010 19:11 GMT -
• eeeeek! So coool! You hav made it way farther than I thought u would.... Just being honest ;-) U r a machine!!!!
• 0.0115 to be exact. That extra 0.0015 makes all the difference. And it was all pain.
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