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Posted May 27 2010 22:00 GMT at view on map-
• Where do you think you'll be on the weekend of June 26?
• Near Waynesboro, VA. The beginning of the shanendoas

Posted May 22 2010 23:24 GMT at view on map-
• A zero day will be nice!!! Wish we could spend it with you.....maybe the next one.

Posted May 20 2010 00:12 GMT at view on map-
• Good to hear your voice! Everyone is LOVING your journey. Love ya!

Posted May 05 2010 15:48 GMT at view on map-
• I never hear people mention bringing bug spray. Are they not a problem?
• Was only a problem that one day, haven't been bit since. Supposedly certain parts of the trail futher up in the summer the flies and mosquitoes can get really bad.

Posted May 03 2010 19:48 GMT at view on map-
• Remember how you chased that skunk around in San Francisco??? Please don't do that with the rattle snakes :-) hehehe...love you brother!

Posted Apr 29 2010 16:48 GMT at view on map-
• At least there have been no overturned Semi's blocking your road!
• "..and then I did it again."
lol'd at that.

Posted Apr 28 2010 19:12 GMT at view on map-
• WAY cool! maybe I should do some of that on Tray!
• That is AWESOME!

Posted Apr 27 2010 23:12 GMT at view on map-
• When you're in town, do you eat at restaurants and such? Do you ever have trouble with Kooper being with you?
• Hmm, maybe I have to enter a webpage in order to get it to save both? This is a test...

Posted Apr 22 2010 14:48 GMT at view on map-
• Awesome update. I'm itching to meet up with you somewhere. No waffle house it looks like, but there is a huddle house: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source...
• I like this!

Posted Apr 19 2010 23:36 GMT at view on map-
• Might still be a few Tech problems.... no sound for me.
• I was thinking about bears and you the other day while doing research for a potential fall Alaska trip. Bears are a concern there. Wikipedia has a listing of bear fatalities. Luckily there are only 1 - 2 per year, but some do happen on the east coast. Be careful and make sure Kooper doesn't make one angry.
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