daniel & kooper


Kooper's journey has come to an end. (I still have about 18 miles left)
Posted Sep 25 2010 23:22 GMT in Flickr
He will be with me at the top in spirit.


Yeah, but with all the out and back that guy did I'm sure he has done 1.5 ATs. Good job Koop.
Reply by Adam P Sep 26 2010 03:59 GMT
Congratulations Kopper! Well done!
Reply by WildernessEscap (Wilderness Escapades) Sep 26 2010 12:36 GMT
Where did Kooper stay while you were in Baxter?
Reply by Jamie May 14 2013 21:42 GMT
did you have a hard time in the rock him getting up and down with out him falling it looked like one time he did but maybe he jumped i was thinking of taking my dog next year She is a husky but never been in or on the rocks
Reply by joe Jun 02 2017 03:34 GMT
was there only two [arks the dog couldnt go and one you can like hick around or have a service take him around
Reply by joe Jun 02 2017 03:37 GMT

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