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Posted Sep 02 2010 20:35 GMT at view on map-
218 State Route 2, Shelburne, NH, United States

Posted Aug 19 2010 23:28 GMT at view on map-
709 Route 4, Killington, VT, United States

Posted Jul 22 2010 23:16 GMT at view on map-
25 US Highway 206 S, Sandyston, NJ, United States
• Looks like a nice place!

Posted Jul 20 2010 14:01 GMT at view on map-
700 Main Street, Slatington, PA, United States
• Sounds like your holding up pretty good. How is the Coopster doing?
• Kooper is doing well. I managed to have him skip some of the worst rocky/hot areas

Posted Jul 02 2010 02:35 GMT at view on map-
799 Washington Street, Harpers Ferry, WV, United States
• Congrats man! Now have fun on that back half all the way up to Mt Katahdin.
• Daniel, was hoping you could contact me I was in hopes of tarting a blog for my project concerning the Wounded Warriors Project and I loved the timeline you had. Please if you get this contact me at 770-403-7349 or marshall.lee.feather@gmail.com. Thank you sir and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Posted Jun 28 2010 18:55 GMT at view on map-
United States
• you're my hero. Love reading about your hike through the AT!

Posted Jun 20 2010 01:09 GMT at view on map-
1219 West Broad Street, Waynesboro, VA, United States

Posted Jun 16 2010 01:44 GMT at view on map-
VA, United States
• Cool town, they even have a shelter in town for hikers since the motel closed.

Posted Jun 10 2010 20:22 GMT at view on map-
5 Kingston Dr, Daleville, VA, United States
• Is that the way he always talks? That was probably an awkward lunch.

Posted Jun 05 2010 15:54 GMT at view on map-
401 N Main St # 1, Pearisburg, VA, United States
• I can't believe how many miles you have gone! How's the Koopster doing,
• I can't believe how many miles you have gone! How's the Koopster doing,

Posted Jun 02 2010 22:50 GMT at view on map-
3696 Sugar Run Road, Pearisburg, VA, United States
• It actually looks kinda cozy.
• Not so cozy

Posted May 29 2010 22:38 GMT at view on map-
7253 Lee Hwy, Rural Retreat, VA, United States
• A long sleep on a soft bed seems to have worked.
• Hi Daniel - Hope you and Kooper are well! Any idea of a timeframe for New England? We want to try and meet you! Love you lots, Lauren

Posted May 24 2010 00:34 GMT at view on map-
216 E. Laurel Ave, Damascus, VA, United States

Posted May 13 2010 00:12 GMT at view on map-
24 S Andrews Ave, Hot Springs, NC, United States

Posted May 11 2010 14:26 GMT at view on map-
645 Viking Mountain Road & Viking Mtn. Rd., GreenEville, TN, United States
• Welcome back Kooper! We all missed you!

Posted May 09 2010 22:05 GMT at view on map-
NC, United States
• You are making great progress!

Posted May 07 2010 21:22 GMT at view on map-
Hartford, TN, United States
• You are awesome!!!
• hey bro. nice work on all this - listened to your posts on the map. Didnt even know that could be done. Ill keep following as u go.

Posted Apr 30 2010 17:30 GMT at view on map-
13077 Highway 19 West, Bryson City, NC, United States

Posted Apr 28 2010 01:30 GMT at view on map-
319 Carolina Mtn Dr, Franklin, NC, United States
• I think you are spending more time in town than on the trail! LOL Trail food is not that good, is it? Glad you are out of the cold and hail!

Posted Apr 24 2010 23:35 GMT at view on map-
58 Old Highway 64 West, Hiawassee, GA, United States

Posted Apr 24 2010 17:14 GMT at view on map-
532 Bell Creek Rd, Hiawassee, GA, United States
• Cool. Rocky's favorite restaurant!

Posted Apr 22 2010 17:35 GMT at view on map-
8426 South Main Street, Helen, GA, United States
• Hitting the trail right after without using the restroom first wasn't the best idea
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