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On a Hike - Appalachian Trail 2010
Posted Jan 28 2011 01:48 GMT in YouTube
Images and Video of my 2010 AT thru-hike with my dog. In mostly chronological order. See more at http://onahike.com Music: Worn out shoes from perpetually walking on a dream. "Worn out Shoes" by Joe Purdy "Perpetuum Mobile" by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Walking On A Dream" by Empire of the Sun (The Tremulance remix)


Best Video Ever, Congratulations!!!
Reply by Scott Anderson Jun 09 2014 02:20 GMT
Anyway to see this video again. One of my personal all time favorites and I cant view it on yourube anymore :(
Reply by Mike Sep 18 2014 13:09 GMT
Just watched your video again, will always love it. I envy you so much, and only wish I could hike the Appalachian Trail too. How is little Kooper?
Reply by Scott Anderson Dec 11 2021 17:33 GMT

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