daniel & kooper


Fontana Dam
Posted May 14 2010 21:32 GMT in YouTube
Walking across... without Kooper (dogs not allowed in the Smokies).


Hey Daniel! I like just figured out how to comment. All you have to do is press the word "comment". Okay, just wanted to say- I thought it was hard walking a mile. I can't believe this. This is so awesome. We all miss you down here. Maybe during the summer I could fly up & walk with you! Haha! Every week at Ground Zero we talk about you, and I am always keeping you in my prayers! I was so excited to show everyine at school the onahike website!
Reply by Abby Jo May 15 2010 02:24 GMT
Thanks Abby! That would be cool if you could walk with me! (I won't make you go 20 miles :P )
Reply by Daniel May 15 2010 15:00 GMT

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