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Posted Jun 27 2010 19:39 GMT at view on map-
• It was fun Sims, thanks for having us.
• Had a great time. You are a beast.
Posted Jun 19 2010 21:25 GMT at view on map-
• Got a shower at a nearby church that houses hikers. Too bad they don't allow dogs
• If you have time, eat at Weezey's in Waynesboro. It's a diner with awesome breakfasts & great prices... you won't be disappointed!
Posted Jun 10 2010 16:16 GMT at view on map-
• Welcome to the Droid club... not a perfect phone, but pretty darn awesome if you ask me.
• you should enter Kooper "The Hikin' Hound" Sims in this contest!! (Cover of pet issue for Atlanta mag) http://tinyurl.com/2ehoqpo
Posted Jun 09 2010 15:05 GMT -
• That's insane. How close was it? Did it see you?
• It was hobbling away from a shelter as I walked up. Its paw was injured. It turned and looked back at us a few times before disapearing into the woods
Posted Jun 03 2010 21:13 GMT -
• Dairy Queen and a swimming pool are good motivation too.
Posted Jun 02 2010 14:45 GMT -
• mount a small CB radio with spring on to the back of the dog and send him ahead
Posted May 28 2010 23:02 GMT -
• Awesome! Sent you a reply via Facebook bout hiking together in June.
• that would be a blast if I could fit it in the schedule. @zasims when are you going?
Posted May 27 2010 19:14 GMT -
• 500 miles!!!!! Woohooo! close to 1/4 the way there already! How's the new sleeping bag? We got your old one today. Love ya!
• Adam, I am doing something similar
Posted May 25 2010 16:35 GMT -
• sweet, it worked! Now anytime i put my mileage in a post, it will update my progress on the left.
Posted May 25 2010 13:38 GMT -
• What did you have and what did you get?
• I had a slumberjack, and I got a Lafuma Extreme 600. So far it's been great!
Posted May 23 2010 19:53 GMT -
• Yea! Did you lock in a chair in front of the TV? And get control of the remote? Where are you staying?
• Dude... I didn't know hiking on the AT included pizza! NICE! Now I REALLY want to do my own thru hike!
Posted May 21 2010 19:32 GMT at view on map-
• YOU CAN DO THIS! Cheering you on from back home. =)
• what are you going to steal it or something?
Posted May 16 2010 16:29 GMT at view on map-
• Hey Daniel - I am loving following this - and I am living vicariously through you - What a cool thing to do...the experience of a lifetime! Still hoping to arrange meeting you when you get to New England! Safe travel! Love, Lauren
Posted Apr 29 2010 19:31 GMT -
• An air drop like would make the hiking more fun! Lol
• Looks like they need to drop you a razor first! I am living vicariously through you...too cool!
Posted Apr 28 2010 01:22 GMT -
• Did you at least get to watch Ab Aeterno with the popup messages? ;)
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