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That's awesome. Congrats! Now get on back here with that epic beard.
Reply by rkischuk (Rob Kischuk) Sep 27 2010 16:21 GMT
Reply by maphet (Nathan Maphet) Sep 27 2010 16:22 GMT
congratulations man!!
Reply by colinake (Colin Ake) Sep 27 2010 16:39 GMT
Reply by RhondaDixon (Rhonda Dixon) Sep 27 2010 16:45 GMT
Reply by japrice (Jason Price) Sep 27 2010 16:52 GMT
I've followed your posts the whole way. Awesome news.
Reply by Simco Sep 27 2010 17:17 GMT
Reply by pizen (Ian Turner) Sep 27 2010 17:18 GMT
That's what I'm talking about SIMS!!! Awesome job!
Reply by Tyler Lowe Sep 27 2010 17:48 GMT
That's what I'm talking about SIMS!!! Awesome job!
Reply by Tyler Lowe Sep 27 2010 17:48 GMT
a year ago I thought you were crazy, but here you are and you finished strong!!!! Good job!
Reply by Adam P Sep 27 2010 18:15 GMT
YOU'RE THE MAN NOW, DOG! Safe travels on your way home - can't wait to hang out and catch up!
Reply by sdishman (Shaun Dishman) Sep 27 2010 19:49 GMT
congratulations! No go find yourself a nice couch and take a load off :)
Reply by edm3 (Eric Moore) Sep 27 2010 20:12 GMT
Finally I'm exhausted! Way to go! No what do I do with my time?
Reply by DMorrow Sep 27 2010 21:31 GMT
Go back.
Reply by Simco Sep 27 2010 23:22 GMT
Awesome job! That's quite a bit of money you raised for Abby.
Reply by Ryan T Sep 28 2010 01:12 GMT
Well done Sims, well done.
Reply by Novack Sep 28 2010 01:15 GMT
That is fantastic! Congrats! Can't wait to hear more about your journey.
Reply by George B Sep 28 2010 02:41 GMT
Congrats Dan !! Stacy and I been following your journey since we met you before the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the trail.. well done Dan, well done !!
Stacy, Tredd and our little dog Titus
Reply by Tredd & Stacy Sep 28 2010 22:50 GMT

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