daniel & kooper


Recorded a message near Woods Hole Shelter in Georgia on 4/20/10
Posted Apr 19 2010 23:36 GMT in TrailPhone at view on map


Might still be a few Tech problems.... no sound for me.
Reply by Dad Apr 20 2010 01:42 GMT
Its now working for me...thanks Dave!
Reply by Apr 20 2010 14:38 GMT
Bears? What the crap dude... when you were prepping for the trail did you look into how to protect against bears? Sounds exciting.
If you need any serious bow-staff skills for your protection, just give me a ring.
Reply by dish Apr 20 2010 20:25 GMT
I was thinking about bears and you the other day while doing research for a potential fall Alaska trip. Bears are a concern there. Wikipedia has a listing of bear fatalities. Luckily there are only 1 - 2 per year, but some do happen on the east coast. Be careful and make sure Kooper doesn't make one angry.
Reply by Adam Apr 21 2010 13:57 GMT

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