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Posted May 03 2010 20:04 GMT in Posterous

(I wrote this up way back in GA, but just now got around to posting it.  Since then I have moved about a day ahead of these fine folks)

The weather forcast showed a thunderstorm was coming, so I decided to stay in Hiawassee.  I didn't really want to since I just restocked and got clean a few days before.  I hiked a few miles to Dick's Creek Gap and got a shuttle to the Hiawassee Inn along with four other hikers: Mike, Krazy Fox, Bump, and Radar.

I split a room with Radar, who has hiked the AT for many years .  He also carries a netbook and a GPS for his photos and an occasional post.  His trailname is "Radar" because he knows what the weather will be thanks to his gadgets.  Check out his Trail Journal and photos.

It's been really great hanging out with these people.  Even though we are mostly strangers, we still seem to form some kind of bond through the trail.  Our ages and backgrounds are very different, but none of that seems to matter.  The trail really breaks things down to the core building blocks of community.  If our little group splits up, which it inevitably will, then new ones will form.

Each shelter usually has a notebook, so even if we part ways, I can always look forward to reading a note left by an old hiking partner (or leave one for them).


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