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Trail Magic
Posted Apr 30 2010 21:21 GMT in Posterous

Grass is hard to come by on the trail. Sure there is sporadic patch lining the path, but you may go weeks without seeing an open field.  It's a long brown tunnel, with no room to throw frisbee.

That's why when I came across Siler's Bald, I was so amazed.  A huge meadow, with deep green grass that climbs a sloping hill to an amazing view.  Kooper and I looked at each other and I think we were both thinking "frisbee".  Finally, virtually unlimited space to run and fling a flying disc.  I hesitated, it was getting late and I still had many miles to go.  I decided to go for it.  I took off my bag, emptied my pockets, and started sprinting to the top singing "The Hills Are Alive".


When I came back down, and began to pick up my stuff, I first noticed the Bible I put down when I emptied my pockets (The one given to me by Trail Angels earlier that day).  I felt a rush of joy overtake me.  I didn't have a relevation or an epiphany or anything, just pure joy, bringing me to tears.  Truly a spiritual moment.  One that provided the lift I needed and reminded me of why I am on this hike.  One known as "Trail Magic".

Where/what is your Siler's Bald?  If you are stuck in a tunnel, try racing up the hill.  Forget your constraints for once.  Grab a frisbee and let it fly.


Awesome man, I had a feeling you'd have some of those kinds of moments out there. Enjoy every minute of it... and stay safe. :)
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