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Just a few more days until I hit the trail.
Posted Apr 15 2010 18:30 GMT in Posterous

This Saturday I begin my Appalachian Trail thru-hike!  I've been working like crazy trying to get things done before I disappear into the woods for about 5 months.  Lemmie check my todo list:

  • Build website - done
  • Setup paypal for donations for Abby. - done
  • Setup Facebook Page - done
  • Put everything on auto-pay, cancel unused accounts - mostly done
  • Buy clothing - mostly done
  • Buy gear - mostly done
  • Make an itinerary.
  • Buy food.

Maybe my priorities were a little off, but I still have time.

When I'm on the trail, I will still be posting to various web services (like this posterous), which all gets aggregated to onahike.com  I'll be reading your comments, replies, and emails every few days or so (unless I drop my phone in a stream).


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