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Posted Apr 20 2010 19:23 GMT in Posterous
I'm at Mtn Crossings, an outfitter that the AT passes through at Neels Gap.  I'm using their laptop.

Nice to get out of the wet fog.  Just went over Blood Mtn, with surprising ease... thanks to the hiking stick I found this morning!  Sadly there was no view from the top, since I was in a cloud.  I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities for a good view.  There is a cool stone shelter up there, built in the 1920's I think.

Everyone loves Kooper.  I am tempted to make my trailname "kooper's dad" since that's how everyone knows me.  He loves the trail, I think because every bend is a chance to spot a squirrel.  (don't tell PETA, but sometimes I let him pull me a little when going up hill)

I'd post photos and notes more often, but my smartphone uses T-Mobile, so IF reception exists it tends to blow with the wind.  Thanks for all the comments and emails, they are very encouraging.  I can usually read them once a day, it's just hard to post anything when the connection is flaky.
I just checked the Hike for Abby's progress, $320!, wow!  I have some catching up to do!

Just overheard a trail runner (guy that walks along the trail picking up trash and checking shelters) say that the bear on Blood Mtn was shot and killed.  He and the employees here seemed really bummed about it.  The bears mean no harm, they just want the food bags.  I think the proper procedure is to capture the bear and move him elsewhere.

I'm probably going to be a day behind what I have on my itinerary.  My friend Gail has a cabin near the trail at Tray Mtn, so I'm looking forward to meeting my parents there on Thursday... and taking a shower.

The other thru hikers I was with are staying in a hotel/cabin near here, but I'm gonna push on to the next shelter.  So I'm going to buy a few items here and eat, then head back out on the trail.    Hopefully the weather is a little nicer when I step outside.


The Blood Ntn shelter was built during the depression by the CCC and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Not a good place to sleep, however, since it tends to be infested with mice due to hikers eating and dropping crumbs inside.
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