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How to hike in 100° weather
Posted Jul 09 2010 10:59 GMT in Posterous

Maryland and Pennsylvania (first half anyways) are probably the easiest sections of the Appalachian Trail.  The downside is that its at low altitude and currently in a record-setting heat wave.  Good thing there have been ways to deal with the heat this week:

Sunday : Dip hand-towel in cold spring water to lay on chest at night.
Monday:  Take 3 hour lunch break at http://www.freestatehiker.com
Hike into the not-so-cool of the night to meet a friend who takes you to a hotel (thanks Tyler!)
Tuesday:  Eat Chick-Fil-A Icedream before getting back on the trail.
Jump into the Caledonia State Park pool right before it closes.
Wednesday: Hike to Pine Grove Furnace State Park to eat a half-gallon of ice cream to celebrate completing half the AT.
(I finished a half gallon of Cherry Jubilee in under 25 minutes, all 2400 calories)
Spend the rest of the evening at the park's beach.
Thursday: Hike to Boiling Springs, PA and get in the mini water park or in the very cold spring water (it boils by looks, not temperature)
Friday (today): my plan was to do a short hike up to US 11 to spend the day in a hotel room... but they are all booked due to some auto show.
So plan B:  Hike 30 miles to the town of Duncannon for free food and a shower, or if I'm lucky, a night or two at The Doyle.

I know, 30 miles doesn't sound like a good idea in the heat, but the terrain is flat (walking through farm land), I can take a good long break every 10 miles, I'm starting really early in the morning, and this section sucks so I just want to get it over with.  Wish me luck and rain!


Take it easy, dude! 30 miles is not easy, but be sure you have plenty of water! Did you get my message/question? Where should we mail the package???? Duncannon seems too late....where next?
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