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Posted Jul 05 2010 17:19 GMT in Posterous

Today I passed by the first Washington Monument, built July 4th, 1827 by the folks in Boonsboro, MD.  An interesting contrast to the many Civil War battlefields I saw yesterday.  One Declaration of Independence celebrated; one declaration of independence denied.

The Appalachian Trail continues the American quest for independence.  I have never felt more free than here in the woods.  Free from all the traps of society today: expectations, material possessions, and the need to perform.  I don't know if this will change things when I get home, but I know I have a different perspective on many things now.

I'm writing this from my tent on Annapolis Rock. I hope to see some fireworks from the great view up here.  Not a big deal if I don't, as its hard to beat this sunset.  Happy Independence Day!

Update: Didn't have a signal to post this last night.  Saw a ton of fireworks going up all over the valley, but couldn't see the ones close by, as Haggarstown was blocked by the mountain jutting out.  Blackrock Cliff would have been better, but I didn't want to walk a mile in the dark.


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